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BOLD’s tax attorneys advise clients on the full breadth of business, corporate, estate planning, and real estate tax issues.


Whether you’re dealing with a business acquisition, purchase, sale, spin-off, or joint venture, or you need assistance determining which business entity would best suit your needs, or you’re completing an estate plan, or you're contemplating a real estate transaction, or dealing with any other significant financial transaction, it is important that you consult with one of our experienced tax attorneys.  Our goal is to focus on tax-advantaged business structures and estate plans that minimize tax exposure, including income, estate, gift, and real property taxes, while also serving our clients' ongoing business, estate planning, and real estate objectives.  We also regularly assist clients on structuring limited liability companies and partnerships for holding real estate, like-kind exchanges, and capital gain optimization. Our real estate tax experience includes development projects, leasing, and acquisitions and dispositions. 

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